The London-based Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD) released the full statement from Bahraini detainee Ali Al-Hajee, who threatened to go on hunger strike last week over his lack of access to proper health care. “I would like it to be made known that I am willing to resume my hunger strike until all my rights to healthcare and family visitation are respected,” the statement reads. Al-Hajee observed a 75-day hunger strike late last year due to long-term denial of urgent medical care by authorities at Bahrain’s Jaw Prison. After receiving assurances that he would receive appropriate medical attention, Al-Hajee decided to end his hunger strike. But in his latest statement, the detainee claims “all such promises transpired to be empty.” Last week, Britain’s Morning Star newspaper published segments of Al-Hajee’s statement after the UK’s foreign office released its annual human rights report, which described the situation in Bahrain as a “mixed picture of challenges and positive developments.” Al-Hajee blasted the foreign office’s conclusions and said that British training programs in Bahrain “served to both deny and cover-up human rights violations rather than counteracting them or remedying the deficiencies of prison institutions.” عدد المشاهدات: 2 Share 0 Tweet 0 Share 0

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